Our many years of experience in mouthpiece design show that the perfect harmony between mouthpiece and instrument is one of the most important factors for beautiful sound, good response and intonation as well as comfort of the musicians.

We have set ourselves the goal of achieving this harmony. That’s why we have developed a whole series of perfectly balanced mouthpieces for trumpet, piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn. In doing so, we are followed the same procedures as with our trumpets: with all possibilities of digital acoustic optimization, combined with the constant collaboration with the best artists.

Whether stable and centered or flexible and virtuoso. By means of different outer contours we have specifically varied the weight of the mouthpiece and thus achieve a wide range of possibilities. A fast and easy response, good balance, optimal sound development and excellent sound control characterize each of these mouthpieces.

All Galileo mouthpieces are silver plated, rim polished and body matt brushed. On request, we also offer mouthpieces with a raw or gold plated finish. Just talk to us!

Cups and outer contours

“C” is a medium-deep cup.

“D” is a medium-shallow cup.

“F” is a shallow cup.


Piccolo Mouthpieces

After long tests with musicians as well as with the help of our digital optimization system, we have found the in our few best balanced piccolo trumpet mouthpiece. Our Piccolo mouthpiece model is available for trumpet or cornet shank. In both cases, we have optimized these mouthpieces to achieve the ideal sound, playing and intonation characteristics.

Trumpet Mouthpieces

For trumpet we offer five rim sizes and two cup depths which allow optimal harmony with our rotary valve and piston trumpets. In addition, three weight variants are available. The lightest is primarily for the orchestral trumpet while the heavy model can be perfectly combined with the Giolo and JooJazz models.

In this way we enable our musicians to achieve a either subtle as well as precise orchestral sound or a big band-ready projection and sound range, both with the same size of the mouthpiece.

The intermediate weight is perfect for instrumentalists who want to play different styles and realize this without changing mouthpieces. The combination of our Rhenus trumpet with the medium-heavy mouthpiece is particularly appreciated by versatile musicians.

Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

Our flugelhorn mouthpieces follow the same philosophy as our trumpet mouthpieces and are available in three different cup depths. These mouthpieces are designed to achieve optimal intonation in combination with our Giolo and JooJazz flugelhorns. With the three cup depths, you can meet a wide variety of playing modes: from the warmest and most subtle sound to impressive agility and precision.