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Post horn

Post horn in Bb, e.g. for the post horn solo in Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 3

The instrument for the post horn solo in the 3rd movement of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No.3. Playable in both Bb and A tuning – both fit very well for this piece.

  • With 3 rotary valves
  • The bell is handmade with historical methods after the Reiche bell
  • With Trigger
  • Including leadpipes for Bb and A

Price on request

Post horn

Post horn in A 440 Hz with bicolor binding cord

Our Mozart post horn was specially developed for the Serenade in D, K. 320 by W. A. Mozart (Posthorn Serenade). It is therefore tuned to A and is based on a wide baroque trumpet bell. It is made using the same historical handcrafting techniques that we also use for our baroque trumpets. Equipped with various leadpipes, it can be played with a baroque trumpet mouthpiece, a modern trumpet mouthpiece, a flugelhorn mouthpiece or a horn mouthpiece.

This instrument has an excellent intonation, especially in the middle register to offer the player a lot of ease and security for this famous Mozart work.

  • Tuning in A 440 Hz
  • Natural instrument without valves
  • Including. 4 leadpipes for historical and modern trumpet, flugelhorn and horn mouthpieces

Price on request

Aida trumpet

The Egger Aida trumpets at the Zurich Opera House

We developed our instruments to meet the requests regarding sound by Nikolaus Harnoncourt for the Zurich Opera House.

For the march in Aida, Verdi was actually looking for the sound of natural instruments. But in order to give them a somewhat ergonomical shape and also to ensure the desired accuracy, he then opted for trumpets, which were shortened to half and equipped with a valve. In order to achieve the sound character of natural instruments in our Aida trumpets, we have used the bore concept of a long form trumpet. The tuning of the instruments was then optimized so that the Ab and B trumpets are well matched.

Our Aida trumpets are mainly made according to traditional handcrafting techniques. This causes them to have a the overtone-rich typical sound of historical trumpets and to react very willingly to the interpretive movements of the musician.

  • Equipped with a piston valve
  • In Ab or B tuning
  • Model in Standard or Historic

Price on request

Lohengrin trumpet

In order to give the stage fanfares in Wagner’s opera “Lohengrin” all its prestige and glory, we have developed our own Lohengrin trumpets. It is tuned in C, as the score requires, and is based on a 19th-century rotary valve system. These trumpets have an exceptionally rich sound in the low and middle registers and harmonize perfectly together to offer a majestic fanfare sound.

  • Instrument in C
  • Model in Standard or Historic
  • Trigger optional

Price on request


In cooperation with the Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne, we have put together three Buccinae to celebrate the rich Roman heritage of this city on the Rhine. Since there is very little information about the original Roman instruments, we decided to tune our set in Bb to give the trumpeters a familiar feeling. The Buccinae can be played with baroque trumpet mouthpieces or modern trumpet mouthpieces. Its sound has a very solid core, a great projection and a very present articulation, as we believe that the ancient instrument might have sounded thanks to its slowly opening conical bell.

  • Instrument in Bb

Price on request


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