The sound of creativity

Swiss precision does not stop at the perfect acoustics. To this end, we are constantly researching new production methods, experimenting and breaking new ground. The results are professional rotary and piston trumpets, which have understood the essence of a good brass instrument. It has to fit like a bespoke suit, sound like an old master and be beautiful like a true masterpiece. The musician sets the tone, whether for solo, symphony or jazz. And you will notice that anyone who takes his Galileo in his hand wants to play it. And whoever plays it, doesn’t want to put it out of their hands anymore.

How can we help you?

The Giolo has a great projection, warmth of sound and ease of flexiblity. It just has everything I was always looking for.

Jeremy Pelt

The Galileo


What makes each Galileo unique? We always respond to your wishes as a musician. With the use of MAW valves, copper bells or, for example, the choice between different valve section types, we offer a high degree of individualization.

The clarity in the sound, a good projection even to the last row of a large concert hall as well as a perfect intonation have nevertheless become our trademark over the years. No matter how you configure it. Every Galileo is always perfectly tuned in.

The emergence of a Galileo

Instrument making is much more than pure, traditional craftsmanship. Creating a musical instrument starts with intense listening. Every musician is looking for his personal instrument, with which he can fully develop his skills, let his creativity run wild.

With the right choice of materials, with traditional and modern production methods, with all our know-how in acoustics, construction and design, we develop instruments that can fulfill these wishes.

Galileo stands for the finest quality, proverbial Swiss precision and exceptional acoustics.

Always worth a visit

With us in Basel you have a great variety, can try out in peace and we can find the right instrument or mouthpiece for you together. If it is not possible for you to visit us we can of course also send you instruments and mouthpieces for testing. Just talk to us! In addition, you can put together your instrument or mouthpiece directly here online. We even offer you the option to make a non-binding enquiry.

Galileo as
part of Egger

Galileo was founded in 1997 by Ralf Masurat and Michael Krawczack in Radolfzell. With its innovative instrument concepts and an extremely quality-oriented philosophy Galileo has, in the shortest time, earned a worldwide reputation both among solo artists as well as top orchestras and ensembles.

The merger with Egger in 2008 has since maintained and refined this reputation under a common roof. The instrument lines have been continuously developed. Today Galileo has an exceptionally wide range of first-class trumpets, from the orchestra rotary valve B to the perinet high-C piccolo.