Eb trumpet

The Eb trumpet with a big sound

With Zirnbauer 4-valve section, trigger on the 1st slide, gold plated

The idea behind the Galileo Eb trumpet: to offer an instrument with a big sound for the classical trumpet concerts and in the same time to create an instrument that is well suited also for high orchestral repertoire. With its wide bell and open playing characteristics this trumpet feels more like the Bb or C rotary trumpets which makes the switch between both much easier. The Galileo-typical finely tuned intonation and the epic sound of this trumpet are a real enrichment to the instrument palette.

  • Hand-hammered gold brass bell with garland, diameter 130 mm made of a one-piece cut
  • One-piece valve slides in gold brass
  • Zirnbauer valve section with nickel silver housing and bronze valves
  • Bore 11.2 mm
  • Exchangeable leadpipes
  • Trigger on the 1st slide


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