4-hole long form trumpet

Together with the 3-hole short form trumpet for many years the classic from Egger. The Egger long form trumpet combines the practical advantages of the 4-hole system with the authenticity of the natural trumpet without ventholes.

Countless musicians appreciate the unique combination of its multifaceted, historical sound, as well as the precise response and good intonation.

Depending on the historical original of the bell, the instrument can be used for Renaissance, Baroque, Classical as well as Romantic music. The Egger 4-hole trumpet allows all keys of historical trumpet literature to play up to E (440 Hz). For higher keys we offer the F trumpet.

  • Available keys E, Eb, D, C, Bb, A (both 440 Hz, 430 Hz or 415 Hz)
  • Instrument in brass
  • Hand hammered bell

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