Alto trombone after Crone

After Johann August Crone, Leipzig 1780

Original: Museum of History and Shipping, Riga

The Crone is a late classical/early romantic alto trombone. Although dated earlier, the Crone trombone is already much further developed than the Schmied in its bore size; at the time, developments among Leipzig instrument makers were considered more progressive.

  • Key in Eb (440 Hz or 430 Hz)
  • Bore: 10.5 mm
  • Bell diameter: 123.5 mm


The basic tuning of the body is determined by the tuning slide. On request, we produce an additional tuning slide in the complementary tuning. The trombone has historical slide positions.

Additional tuning slide – optional

Optionally in 440 Hz or 430 Hz tuning

Half-tone extension pins – optional

Pair, for extending the tuning slide

Extension pin for 430 Hz – optional

The pin is inserted between the slide and the body. This results in changed slide positions.

Water outlet key – optional

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