Tenor sackbut after Schnitzer

After Anton Schnitzer the Elder, Nuremberg 1579

Original: Accademia Filarmonica, Verona

The sackbut of Anton Schnitzer the Elder is one of the oldest surviving trombones. It is of particular importance. The original is now in the Accademia Filarmonica in Verona and was studied in detail as part of Hannes Vereecke’s dissertation. In this context, Rainer Egger measured the acoustic and geometric properties and crafted an authentic replica. This includes the lavish ornamentation, which was accurately reproduced by imprints of the bracing patterns. All this makes it possible for us to offer a very accurate copy of this important instrument of trombone history today.

An article by Hannes Vereecke on the Schnitzer sackbut

  • Key in A 466 Hz (equivalent to Bb 440 Hz)
  • Bore: 10.0/10.5 mm
  • Bell diameter: 100 mm

Body tenor sackbut after Schnitzer

Water outlet key

Half-tone extension pins – optional

Pair, for extending the tuning slide

Crook for G 466 Hz – optional

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