SI Series


The Salzburg models served as the basis for the development of this series of mouthpieces, which was created in cooperation with Friedemann Immer according to his ideas. The OPT mouthpieces are extra short. Their bore and throat diameters have been mathematically optimized on an acoustic optimization program. All SI mouthpieces are slightly brighter and more brilliant in sound than the Salzburg mouthpieces. They have a flexible response and therefore support the modulation of the tone very well.

Friedemann Immer writes:
“All the surviving baroque trumpet mouthpieces I know have one thing in common: unlike modern mouthpieces, they have a sharp edge at the transition from the cup to the throat. In my opinion, this sharp edge is important for playing the Baroque trumpet for at least three reasons:
1. It “creates” the typical sound of the baroque trumpet.
2. The tones, especially those of the high register, “snap” better, playing the high register becomes easier, although the bore is very large.
3. The pulling and bending of the individual tones becomes easier, above all, when playing without holes.
My experience has shown that with such a mouthpiece, playing in any register, both in extreme low (G and C, 2nd and 3rd natural tone) as well as in the extremely high register (up to e”’ and above, 20th natural tone). A wide dynamic bandwidth, from pp to ff, is also possible.”

All values in mm
ModellBeschreibungKessel ØRand ØBohrung ØLängeRandform
SI-5Originalgrösse, gut geeignet für mittlere Lagen17,6928,704,2100Flach
SI-5R OPTWie SI-5R, kurzer Schaft, gut geeignet für hohe Lagen17,8028,203,889Rund
SI-6Gut geeignet für mittlere und hohe Lagen17,2528,204,2100Flach
SI-6RWie SI-6, aber mit rundem Rand17,2727,604,2100Rund
SI-6 OPTWie SI-6, kurzer Schaft, gut geeignet für hohe Lagen17,3528,223,889Flach
SI-6R OPTWie SI-6R, kurzer Schaft, gut geeignet für hohe Lagen17,3027,703,889Rund
SI-7Gut geeignet für hohe Lagen16,9027,904,0100Flach
SI-7RWie SI-7, aber mit rundem Rand16,8627,304,0100Rund
SI-7 OPTWie SI-7, kurzer Schaft, gut geeignet für hohe Lagen16,9027,903,789Flach
SI-7R OPTWie SI-7R, kurzer Schaft, gut geeignet für hohe Lagen16,8627,303,789Rund

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