The mouthpiece Salzburg 5 is based on an original, which is located in the Salzburg Museum Carolino Augusteum. At the suggestion of Dr. Edward H. Tarr, it was copied and in collaboration with him most of the other models in this series were developed.

Due to their dark, fine and very colourful tone, they are very suitable for the 3-hole short trumpet and the 4-hole long trumpet.

Most of these mouthpieces are available with both a flat and a round rim, so that beginners, or musicians, who often switch between modern and historical trumpets, can find something suitable.

All values in mm
ModelDescriptionCup ØOutside ØThroat ØLengthRim shape
S-3Principal mouthpiece, well suited for low register18.6031.004.3100Flat
S-4Principal mouthpiece, well suited for low register18.1029.554.3100Flat
S-5Copy of Haas mouthpiece, well suited for middle and low registers17.6528.784.2100Flat
S-5RLike S-5 but with rounded rim17.6528.304.2100Round
S-6Smaller than S-5, well suited for middle register17.2028.334.2100Flat
S-6RLike S-5 but with rounded rim17.2027.854.2100Round
S-6αLike S-6 but with shallower
S-6βLike S-6 but with deeper cup17.2028.254.3100Flat
S-7Smaller than S-6, well suited for middle and high registers16.8027.804.0100Flat
S-7RLike S-7 but with rounded rim16.8027.454.0100Round
S-8With shallower cup, cup shape similar to Kerner cup, well suited for high register16.8027.823.994Flat
S-8RLike S-8 but with rounded rim16.8027.453.994Round
S-9Smaller than S-7 and S-8, well suited for high register16.4527.593.994Flat
S-9RLike S-9 but with rounded rim16.4527.103.994Round

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