Model 45

The model 45 – Our C trumpet with the large, round and full orchestral sound. It was developed with the aim of transferring the great sound of the Bb trumpet to the C trumpet. Immediately after completing the development, the instrument was selected for the entire trumpet section of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. A wonderful instrument for the big romantic repertoire.

  • Hand-hammered gold brass bell with diameter 130 mm made of a one-piece cut
  • One-piece valve slides in gold brass
  • Machine with nickel silver housing and bronze valves
  • Bore: 11.2 mm
  • Exchangeable leadpipes
  • Progressive trigger on the 3rd valve slide

Body 43-44-45

Leadpipe rotary trumpet

Trigger rotary trumpet

Vienna keys

Decompression hole

Water key on the 3rd valve slide