The R-Series combines two Renaissance mouthpiece types, the mouthpieces RES, REM, REB and the mouthpieces RB-1 (20, respectively 24 mm).

The mouthpieces RES, REM, REB are inspired by various originals of the Renaissance, among others by Anton Schnitzer. They are very short and do not have an integrated backbore. Among other things, they are ideal for low principal parts and fit very well with the Renaissance natural trumpet after Michael Nagel.

The mouthpieces RB-1 are based on an original by Guitbert. We make this true to the original from sheet metal. For musicians who are used to larger mouthpieces, this is also available in a version with an inner diameter of 24 mm. We recommend this mouthpiece for the Renaissance slide trumpet.

All values in mm
ModelDescriptionCup ØOutside ØThroat ØLengthRim shape
REMPrincipal mouthpiece, well suited for low register21.3437.656.540Flat
RESPrincipal mouthpiece, well suited for low register22.3028.608.040Flat
REBPrincipal mouthpiece, well suited for low register20.3035.606.040Flat
RB-1 – 20 mmFor slide trumpet, made from soldered brass sheet, original diameter of 20 mm20.0035.005.595Flat
RB-1 – 24 mmFor slide trumpet, made from soldered brass sheet, compared to the original larger diameter of 24 mm24.0039.005.595Flat

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