Invention horn after Courtois

After Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1841

Original: Private Collection Thomas Müller

The invention horn after Courtois can also be described as the standard for invention horn in the 19th century. It has proven itself for decades in historically informed performance practice. It has a well projecting, multifaceted, classically romantic horn sound and is known for its precise, agile response and excellent intonation. It is on the one hand well suited for fast and difficult solo passages but also has an easy and safe high register.

Our model is an authentic copy of the original, with details that match the era, such as a painted inner bell. It is produced in French tradition using historical handcrafting techniques (e.g. hand-hammered bell with garland) and historical material (hammered sheet metal with wall thickness 0.35mm) to copy the original sound, character and responsiveness as precisely as possible. All pipes are consistently made of brass sheets soldered with seam.

It is available with all common and exotic keys, both in 440 Hz, 430 Hz and 415 Hz, and is therefore extremely variable. There is even a one-piece Bb-basso crook with 4 turns.

  • Available keys: C-Alto, Bb-Alto, A-Alto, Ab-Alto, G, Gb/F#, F, E, Eb, D, Db, C-Basso, Cb-Basso, Bb-Basso (both 440 Hz, 430 Hz and 415 Hz)
  • Instrument in brass

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