High Baroque natural trumpet after Haas

After Johann Wilhelm Haas, Nuremberg

Original in the Grassi Museum Leizig, Instrument No. 1788

This trumpet is based on the original by Johann Wilhelm Haas from the Grassi Museum, Leipzig; Instrument No. 1788.

  • Key in E 415 Hz (equivalent to Eb 440 Hz, or D 466 Hz)
  • The keys D (440 Hz) and D (415 Hz) are possible by means of extension pins and crooks
  • The fine tuning is done via tuning bits, which are available in 10 cent steps
  • The bell is hammered by hand to 0.3 mm extra thin to be able to reproduce the historical sound as best as possible

Body High Natural Trumpet


Half tone pin – optional

Whole-tone crook – optional

Tuning bit No. 1 – optional

38 mm, for approx. 10 cents

Tuning bit No. 2 – optional

55 mm, for approx. 20 cent

Tuning bit No. 3 – optional

75 mm, for approx. 40 cents

Extra crook with 1 hole and screw – optional

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