We offer a small, fine selection of horn mouthpieces for baroque and invention horns. Most of the mouthpieces are direct copies of originals of the respective era and have been specifically found and copied in various museums.

Generally, we offer mouthpieces with baroque shank. This narrower shank can be played on modern shanks by means of an adapter. Optionally, we also offer the mouthpieces with a modern shank. On request, we offer the mouthpieces in brass or silver plated / gold plated.

The mouthpieces are made with state-of-the-art CNC lathes and a brass alloy specially made for us, to achieve the maximum precision while maintaining authenticity.

All values in mm
ModelDescriptionCup ØOutside ØThroat ØLengthRim shape
HBJ-3Well suited for the high register and Well suited for the high register and excellent for playing without ventholes; Preferred by players who often switch between baroque trumpet and baroque horn18.4030.404.469Flat
HKB-9The original is located on a Leichamschneider Horn in the Musikmuseum Basel; Early construction with a very deep V-shaped cup; very warm sound, made of soldered sheet metal16.7024.305.767Flat
HBE-7With V-shaped cup, well suited for the middle and high registers; Round and centered sound; popular baroque horn mouthpiece17.1325.544.469Slightly rounded
HRM-7Copied after Raoux; with romantic U-shaped cup; very suitable for players who often switch between natural horn and modern horn17.2525.554.374Round
HKE-8Typical classical construction with convex cup shape17.1424.954.269Slightly rounded
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