Piston Piccolo in C

It was an exciting challenge for us to reinterpret such a delicate instrument as the C Piccolo trumpet. We wanted to offer the most demanding soloists an instrument with which they can reach unforeseen artistic heights. It is a radiant trumpet with a very rich harmonic spectrum and a majestic timbre. We had the privilege and the great joy that Reinhold Friedrich accompanied us on all steps of the development of this instrument. And it is a pleasure to hear him unfold his art on our instrument.

  • Hand-hammered bell with a diameter of 105 mm made of a one-piece cut
  • Lightweight brass machine with stainless steel valves, 4-valve
  • Bore: 11.2 mm
  • Amado water key on the 3rd valve slide and 4th valve slide
  • Exchangeable leadpipes (cornet shank)

Body piccolo in C