The Jooleo was designed as a custom design in 1996 and has thus become the nucleus of Galileo. Its unique design is a symbiosis of light and heavyweight elements to combine the best of both worlds. It has a special form of braces, which are designed as struts and thus combine a lot of support with very little weight gain. On the other hand, it has locally increased mass at the bell and leadpipe braces to stabilize it in loud playing. Asymmetric bows on the tuning slide and bell decisively reduce the blowing resistance. A truly exclusive combination!

  • Hand-hammered bell with a diameter of 130 mm made of a one-piece cut
  • French rim
  • Bronze machine with stainless steel valves
  • Bore: 11.7 mm
  • Reversed leadpipe
  • One-piece tuning slide
  • Water keys on the tuning slide and 3rd valve slide

Body Jooleo

Outer slides with bevelled edges

Asymmetric valve caps