Giolo flugelhorn

The attributes warm, voluminous and velvety describe the sound of the Giolo flugelhorn most aptly. Its wide bell diameter and the shape of its bell help to fill every corner of a room with a distinctly colored, multifaceted and sonorous sound cloud. The sound technique of a smoky, hoarse tone, so popular in jazz, is guaranteed to give rise to goosebumps with this flugelhorn.

  • Hand-hammered gold brass bell made of a one-piece cut, wall thickness 0.5 mm
  • French rim
  • Lightweight brass machine with stainless steel valves
  • Bore: 10.5 mm
  • Yard in gold brass
  • Trigger on 3rd valve
  • Amado water keys on the 3rd valve slide and main bow

Body Giolo flugelhorn