Classical trombone mouthpiece

Our classic mouthpieces are available for alto, tenor and bass trombone. According to the historical originals, they are equipped with a rounded edge and a rounded entrance to the bore.

Their sound is larger and more voluminous compared to the Renaissance and Baroque mouthpieces. At the same time, their sound is more rounded. The mixing behavior in both the section and the orchestra is very good and is ideal for use in classical symphony.

Especially with the classic mouthpieces, we regularly make customer-specific adjustments (e.g. screw rimds or adapted backbores) to enable easy and fast switches to the modern instruments.

All values in mm
RegisterModelDescriptionCup ØOutside ØThroat ØLengthRim shape
AltoKA-6Well suited for high and middle registers24.3037.004.680Rounded
AltoKA-5Well suited for high and middle registers25.7038.804.880Rounded
TenorKT-6Well suited for high and middle registers24.3037.655.584Rounded
TenorKT-5Well suited for high and middle registers25.6039.005.884Rounded
TenorKT-4.5Well suited for high and middle registers26.1039.605.884Rounded
TenorKT-4Well suited for middle and low registers26.3039.905.884Rounded
BassKB-3Well suited for middle and low registers27.1041.305.990Rounded
BassKB-2Well suited for middle and low registers28.2042.005.990Rounded

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