Bass sackbut after I.Ehe

After Isaac Ehe, Nuremberg 1612

Original: in D 466 Hz, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg

  • Key either in D 466 Hz (equivalent to Eb 440 Hz) or in F 440 Hz
  • Bore: 11.5/12.0 mm
  • Bell diameter: 124 mm
  • Can be pulled out to 430 Hz. Can also be pulled out to 415 Hz, but the instrument works better if you use a semitone slide.

Corpus bass sackbut after I.Ehe

Extra tuning slide for lower key – optional

For Eb 440 Hz on the F 440 Hz trombone, or for D 440 Hz on the D 466 Hz trombone

Water outlet key – optional

Counterweight – optional

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