Baroque horn after Eichentopf

After Johann Heinrich Eichentopf, Leipzig 1738

The baroque horn after Eichentopf has a radiant, clear, baroque horn sound as well as a precise reponse and excellent intonation. This makes it ideal for solo, ensemble and orchestra.

The horn is made with historical working techniques such as a hand-hammered bell and made of historical alloy to recreate the original sound, its character and its responsiveness as precisely as possible. All pipes are consistently made of sheet metal and soldered to become a pipe.

On request, it can be equipped with the 2-hole system for different keys, but can also be played with stopping technique as well as completely without holes and can therefore be used very variable. Due to its compact design, it is also very ergonomic and travel-friendly for a baroque horn and even suitable for hand luggage if transported in a case.

  • Key of the body in 415 Hz. The body is supplied in the basic equipment with two tuning pins of your choice
  • For all keys, the crooks of the Courtois Horn are required. With the crooks in 440 Hz, this horn plays in the corresponding keys in 415 Hz.
  • Most common keys are G, F and D.
  • Instrument in brass

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