4-hole Model Krisztian Kovats

This model was developed with the baroque trumpet specialist Krisztian Kovats. The aim of the development was to orient even closer towards the original instruments in terms of construction and sound. At the same time, the best possible intonation should be achieved, which meets today’s requirements for difficult solo parts.

After testing and examining numerous original instruments, the decision was made to lean on trumpet No. 7160 from the National Music Museum in South Dakota and design it for the 4-hole system.

The bell is longer and the pipe diameter narrower than the usual 4-hole trumpets. As a result, the instrument in its characteristic comes closer to the historical models. At the same time, it is made of MDC sheet metal, an alloy used in the 18th century. The garland is hand engraved and silver-plated, the ball and all the ferrules are decorated with ornaments after Ehe and also silver-plated. All pipe parts are burnished.

  • Tuning in D, C, Bb (440 Hz, 430 Hz or 415 Hz)
  • Instrument in brass
  • Hand hammered bell

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