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Sehr geehrte Kundschaft

Der Schweizerische Bundesrat hat beschlossen, am 15. Juni die Schweizer Grenzen für alle Bürger der Europäischen Union und der assoziierten Schengen-Länder (Großbritannien, Norwegen, Liechtenstein, Island) zu öffnen. Wir sind glücklich über diese Entscheidung und freuen uns darauf, viele unserer internationalen Kunden wieder begrüßen zu dürfen und lang vermisste Gesichter zu sehen.

Mit den besten Grüssen – Bleiben Sie gesund!

Ihr Egger-Team

Dear customers,

The Swiss Federal Council has decided to open the swiss borders to all citizens from the European Union and associated Schengen countries (Great Britain, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) on the 15th of June. We rejoice at this decision and we are looking forward to welcoming many of our internation customers and see long-missed faces.

Best regards - stay healthy!

Your Egger team


Mouthpieces ST-Series


This series is based on an English mouthpiece from around 1800, probably by the maker Pace, from the collection of Dr. Edward H. Tarr (ex Joseph Wheeler, London). The main body of the original is of brass with a silver rim soldered to the top, as is often the case with historical mouthpieces from England. Tarr played the deep-cupped original from 1980 –1982 but changed to an Egger copy because of the difficulty that the former posed in playing the highest D trumpet parts. In order to make these parts easier, our copy has a shallower cup. The rim shape of the original is slightly rounded. It resembles a modern rim form and the inner diameter of the cup is similar to a Vincent Bach 1 ½ C.

The mouthpieces in the ST series produce a bright sound and are equally suitable for the 3- or 4-hole trumpet. They are especially recommended to players who use a similarly sized mouthpiece on their modern trumpet and are looking for a rim form and cup depth to assist with the changeover from valved to baroque trumpet.

trp mst s-serie

Model STSpecificationsCup Ø mmRim Ø mmThroat Ø mmPrice in brass CHFPrice silver plated CHF


- well suited to high registers, quick and easy response; parabolic backbore, medium size cup volume 16,65 27,65 3,7 140,- 170,-

ST-1 beta

previously ST-2
- well suited to middle and high registers; conical backbore, medium size cup volume 16,65 27,65 3,7 140,- 170,-


new since 2006
- well suited to middle and high registers; parabolic backbore, slightly bigger cup volume than ST-1 16,65 27,65 3,7 140,- 170,-


- well suited to middle and high registers in lower keys; parabolic backbore, deeper cup 16,65 27,65 3,7 140,- 170,-


- principal mouthpiece; conical backbore, deeper cup, slightly bigger cup volume than ST-3 16,65 27,65 3,8 140,- 170,-


Component PartCurrencyPreis
Adapter for modern mouthpiece CHF 35,-
Mouthpiece wallet for 4 mouthpieces, black leather CHF 39,-
Mouthpiece pocket for 1 mouthpiece, black, with red lion (Egger logo) CHF 5,-

June 2019