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Sehr geehrte Kundschaft,

leider müssen wir Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir aufgrund der Corona-Thematik bis auf Weiteres keine Kunden in unserer Werkstatt empfangen können. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis! Gerne sind wir für Sie telefonisch oder per Email erreichbar.

Mit den besten Grüssen – Bleiben Sie gesund!

Ihr Egger-Team

Dear customers,

unfortunately we have to inform you that due to the Corona issue we cannot receive any customers in our workshop until further notice. We ask for your understanding! We are happy to be reached by phone or email.

Best regards - stay healthy!

Your Egger team


Historical Trumpet-Mouthpieces


Our trumpet mouthpieces are either copies of historical mouthpieces from various museums, or modifications thereof. Through high precision copying and optimisation at critical points, we endeavour to produce mouthpieces that possess the characteristics of the original, while allowing for the high demands placed on the players of today.

Mouthpieces with a flat rim produce a bright, overtone-rich sound and greater accuracy than their counterparts with rounded rims.

Custom made mouthpieces based on the ideas and wishes of the individual are a speciality of ours (e.g. to fit your rim or cup dimensions etc.).