In A flat and B natural repectively

Instrument made from brass with one piston valve

These instruments were developed for the Zurich Opera House, according to Nikolaus Harnoncourt's tonal conception.

Verdi had natural trumpets in mind for the march theme in Aida. However to get a more practical size, Verdi decided to have trumpets built, whose length was half as long, whilst equipped with one piston valve. In order to achieve the sound quality of a natural trumpet, we based the dimensions on those of such instruments. The intonation was then optimized so that the a-flat and b-natural trumpets are well in tune with each other.

With the exception of the high-precision machined valve, our Aida Trumpets are made according to traditional hand crafting techniques.This produces the typical sound rich in harmonics and makes the instruments very willing to react to the interpretation of the musician.

Rent per month: 3% of value, price depending on scope of delivery

AIDA trumpet in A flat or B natural

AIDA trumpet in A flat or B natural

Instrument in in A flat or B natural – Standard

CHF 2.550,-

Instrument in in A flat or B natural – Historic

CHF 2.800,-
Case CHF 188,-


Price available on request.