All of our horns are built according to traditional methods. The garland is engraved. All tubes as well as the bell of the instrument are soldered from hammered brass sheets and therefore show a soldering seam. The instruments are burnished by hand according to historical methods before they are polished. The use of these methods produces horns acoustically closer to original instruments, especially where tone colour is concerned.


At the suggestion of, and in collaboration with Martin Mürner, horn player and restorer of historic brass instruments, we have made replicas of two baroque horns, each in a single pitch. Because baroque horn repertoire requires the use of instruments in different pitches, modern instrument makers have developed systems of crooks combined with a single body to change the pitch. As with our Eichentopf model various crooks can be used with the same corpus; thus allowing for the change of keys. Using crooks not only reduces the costs but also alters the ration of the cylindrical to the conical parts of the horns. As this unfavourably affects the intonation, above all the tuning of the 11th and 13th overtones become quite difficult to correct, we optimise it by slightly enlarging the measurements towards those of classical horns.

On original baroque horns there is a continual conical widening from the mouthpiece to the bell, and the size of the bell depends on the length of the instrument. This profile makes it easier for the player to bend pitches, i.e. to correct out of tune harmonics. We therefore copy two horns of Leichamschneider, both of which offer better support for open (ie. without the hand in the bell) playing. Our horn after Eichentopf can still be played open but is also built with hand-stopping in mind and is also available with tone holes.

barockhorn L 1   barockhorn L 2   barockhorn L 4   barockhorn L 3


Key notations refer to pitch a1 = 415 Hz.
Component PartCurrencyPrice


after Johannes Leichamschneider, Vienna 1715
Corpus in F 415 Hz
CHF 4.850,-
Leadpipe CHF 100,-
Rent baroque horn in F incl. hard case, per month CHF 250,15


after Michael Leichamschneider, Vienna 1723
Corpus in D 415 Hz
CHF 5.650,-
Leadpipe CHF 100,-
Rent baroque horn in D incl. hard case, per month CHF 290,15



after Johann Heinrich Eichentopf, Leipzig 1738
The Courtois horn crooks are required for all the additional keys. This horn plays in pitch a1 = 415 Hz with the Courtois horn crooks in a1 = 440 Hz of the same key.
Rent per month: 5% of value, price depending on scope of delivery

barockhorn 1   barockhorn 2   barockhorn 3

barockhorn 4

Corpus in 415 Hz
Component PartCurrencyPrice

Corpus in 415 Hz, 2 tuning bits included

CHF 4.210,-
Extra extensions; each CHF 95,-
D 415 coupler (with F 440 crook plus extension 1) CHF 490,-
Tone hole with screw; each CHF 35,-


Additional accessories

barockhorn 5   barockhorn 6

component partcurrencyprice
Hard case for corpus Leichamschneider in F or D CHF 255,-
Hard case for corpus Courtois, Raoux or Eichentopf with 2 crook compartments CHF 305,-
Hard case for crooks, with compartments for crooks in 12 keys CHF 375,-



horn 1

Mouthpieces for historical horns.


October 2017